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This seating system emerged from the concept of personalization and provides all of the demands of the modern-day user. The product is like a blank canvas, it is a seat with a back-drop which becomes the picture, one projects a variety of accessories that supply the necessities to complete functionality: supports, soft elements, power points, privacy and sunshade options to just name a few.  The application of “Canvas” can be modular or singular, accessorized for interiors or exteriors, for domestic or public use, from an “office island” to a “smart chair”. Due to the metallic mesh as the main material, “Canvas” can function as a “semi-transparent” space divider and can create micro architecture spaces and /or as an intimate and romantic zone for couples. “Canvas” ’s clean frame design allows the use of a variety of additional accessories which gives the design a specific character and distinguishable personality. 

Renders and digital video by Desislava Danova and Franc Navarro.

Photos and stop motion by Natalia Barinova and Alexey Kurbatov.

Edited by Carlito Nieves.

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