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This collection is born from a simple cylinder positioned horizontally complimented with a cable that transforms it into the elegant geometric shape of a triangle.  Different elements are added to this cylinderto to complete various functionalities such as flower holder or wall sconce lamps. In the following photos you can see a flower holder and two versions of wall sconces lamps. The wall flower holder is composed of a wooden bar with a glass tube to contain water. The wood is hung on the wall with the help of a metal cable creating the iconic minimal shape of a triangle. Adding to the wooden bar a LED stripe and a methacrylate diffuser and transform it into a lamp. In case that all the electrical connections are already prepared inside the wall in advance the cable can be evoided and the wall will be decorated only by the iconic triangle shape constructed by the wooden bar and a rigid powder coated metal rod. In case of not having  any electrical preparation in the wall, the answer will be the other version of this lamp which is the wooden bar with the flexible electrical cable with the ON&OFF switch and a plug. The wooden oak bar can be in different sizes or diameters and can be replace in a marble bar version. 

Oak wood, metal rod and LED stripe / L30 x W5 x H23 cm

Photos by Aviv Shanyand Nuno Santos

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