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Mochi is only one application of a new grouping system that can adapt into divers places. The essence of the system is to allow to contain liquids, and to permit the exit of it only by pressing it. The idea for the system is inspired by breastfeeding, and how the milk can be contained in the breast and letting it go out only by pressing around the center.

The system is like a sandwich of different layers from different material that can contain liquids and keep it until the ¨container¨ is being pressed.

Mochi is a new and innovative hands sanitizer to be used in private and / or public environment. Studies have demonstrated that rubbing our hands with ethanol (alcohol) have a high efficiency against microbes and bacterias. By pressing the object with our fingers, the disinfectant gel goes out in a graphic way through the small holes in the top surface.

*Another options would be changing the liquid, from ethanol (alcohol) to any creams, oils, lotions or any other liquids. 

Molded platinum silicone / L9 x W9 x H40 cm

Video filmed by Tom Swissa and Mohammed Kahil and edited by Carlitos Nieves

Audio by Wappa @ Simonus.

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