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The multidisciplinary studio of Aviv Shany was commissioned to design and build a total reform of a flat of 95 square meters located in the Eixample district in the center of Barcelona.

A few opposing concepts were chosen with the clients that functioned as the guides for the design process: Private and Public, Old and New, Hidden and Exposed. The flat is divided by use: The private zone contains three bedrooms and a main bathroom. The public zone is one big space that contains the kitchen, dining room, living room and one small bathroom. There is a clear division with two types of flooring to highlight night versus day spaces. Irregular ‘cement look’ porcelain floor tiles versus raw oak wooden parquet. The bathrooms floor has the original modernist tiles from the 100 years old flat. The innovative approach of the studio was to keep away the sink from the wall, as usual and locate it in the center of the kitchen. An original antique stone laundry sink was the chosen centerpiece. The sink is connected with an L shape working surface marble. The other side of the marble is laid down on wooden modules with unseen push button doors. All of the kitchen furniture and cabinets are elevated on iron legs to gain visual lightness and cleaning access. One long horizontal white melamine cabinet is hanged and hides air condition system, storage space and an extractor over the stove. Many of the services of the house which have been completely hidden away which discrete access, like secrets to be discovered. The drainage system from the sink and the tubes from the air conditioning, and extractor are installed within iron tubes boldly shown in the interior space. The fridge and TV are also invisible to the eye behind reclaimed wooden doors transformed to closets. All the detailing is round, plant pots, lamp shades, mirrors and the a range of turned hardwood ‘hooks’ are dotted about the home softening all the angles. The humbled colour scheme is ‘wood, iron and white’ functioning as a background for the coloured items of the daily life, like fruits, books or photos of our beloved ones. The result is a home where form follows function and old follows new.

Designed by Aviv Shany 

Constructed by Meziore.SL

Photos by Luiza Lacava

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