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The visitor

The visitor

The visitor emerged from a search for an innovative type of utensil, for the kitchen or the dining table, domestic use, bars or for restaurant table settings.


The product offers an answer in the form of versatile container that can collect all kinds of food waste. It can be attached to any kind of bowl by the cut in the form of a crescent, without a body to visit the product has no use.


The piece can be attached inside or outside the bowl and may contain food pips, sauces, aromatic spices or croutons. The piece is laser cut, folded and welded from one side only, achieving an easy piece of production with low costs but highly adaptable to any gastronomic or aesthetic preferences.


Material: Stainless steel cut by laser
Dimensions: L7 x W7 x H15 cm

    25,00 €Price
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