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The project was created with the main goal of not hiding the utensils in a drawer or on the kitchen wall and to reverse the "exile" directly to add splendor to the dining table, where until their use they will be exhibited as sculptures without any defined utility. When the time comes to set up the dining table "Rius @ Taulet" will already be there prepared for their function as spoons to serve any type of food.


The spoons are made of bronze sheet 0.8 mm gage, laser cut, folded and welded, containing two cylinders of oak are intertwined to bring more stability to the spoons.

The spoons can be produced in bronze, stainless steel matte and / or Nickel-plated and the cylinders base can be turned in any ​wood.

Bronze sheet cut by laser / L9 x W9 x H40 cm

Photos by Pablo Rausell


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