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The Sandwich collection experiment with perception by creating a flower holder that transgresses expectations, which surprises people and forces them to cognitively engage with the product. At first glance the flower holder seems curious that magically is balanced on its corner and looking like it is going to fall, but in a deeper look people can see and understand that the heavy centerpiece has the function of a counter weight, giving stability to the elegant fusion of the three elements. The sandwich flower holder is composed of three simple elements, two “tiles” and a centerpiece that holds them together and can contains a flower. The three elements can be almost any material, texture or colour to be able to camouflage itself so they can adapt and blend into any kind of aesthetic environment. It can be from glass, ceramic, marble, stone or wood. The two “tiles” can be from different materials, for example two colours of translucent glass to be able to have a wonderful graphic result. The flower holder can be produced in different sizes to create a very dynamic collection of beautiful objects that can bloom our homes and hearts with joy and happines.

L10 x W4 x H10 cm

Photos by Nuno Santos

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