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At first glance the vessel table seems peculiar that magically holds branch of flowers in a hole at the tabletop but in a deeper look people can see and understand that one of the truncated cones at the base of the table has the function of a counter weight, giving stability to the table while the other truncated cone has the function of a vessel to contain and hide all those daily objects so they will not bother us at the table surface like a vase, magazines or the remote control for example. The side table is composed of five simple elements: One solid and heavy truncated cone, an “empty” truncated cone, the tabletop, the vessel element and the lid of that container. They all joined and fit into an elegant and minimal side table. The five elements can be almost any material, texture or colour to be able to camouflage itself so they can adapt and blend into any kind of aesthetic environment, for example the counterweight can be left as cement, marble or can be upholstered or tinted. The other truncated cone can be made by plywood or powder coated metal. The vessel element can be ceramic, glass or metal and the tabletop can be solid wood, veneer, metal or marble and the lid to the vessel can be made of any desired material. The vessel table can be a low side table or a taller versionas a dining table.

Images by Javier Macias and Ivan Perez

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